Guest Post : Write For Us

I always welcome having individual bloggers to publish a guest post, but they must have a strong desire to produce quality content with actionable advice, that readers can apply & gets benefited.

What kind of content do I publish?

  • WordPress
  • Blogging
  • Freelancer
  • CopyWriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sales Funnels
  • Lead Generation
  • Traffic Generation
  • Conversions
  • Mindset

Guest Writing Guidelines :

  • I publish articles of anywhere between 600–2,500 words, depending on subject complexity. 1,500 words are about average.
  • Each article must be well written, accurate, grammatically correct and 100% original content.
  • The content must provide value, not overly promotional but informative or inspiring.
  • Is supported with convincing arguments, not just opinions. Fact-check, and cite sources where appropriate.
  • Focus on being useful. Practical, actionable advice is what readers want with easy to follow steps.
  • Proofread your article draft before submission.
  • Articles are usually reviewed and published within 24-48 hours, depending on the number received and the urgency of the topic.
  • Be sure to include a brief three-line bio, a photo is optional. Additionally, provide a link to your website, if you have one, or a social media page.
  • You must have copyrights of any graphics or media included or the images must have attribution to the source or be free use. (i.e.: creative commons).
  • When an article is published on our site, it is then owned by Navjot Singh and you are not permitted to re-publish that content anywhere else, including on your own site.
  • You agree to grant copyright to me (Navjot Singh) to publish the post.

NOTE: Please don’t send me press releases or sales pitches. They make me feel sad inside. Also, I do not take paid/sponsored articles and do not sell links.

DON’T… !
I kindly request that you don’t…

  • Don’t send articles that have been, or will be, published elsewhere.
  • Don’t send vague, surface level articles.
  • Don’t send SEO-boosted or promotional articles.
  • Don’t send anything that isn’t aligned with my philosophy.
  • Don’t send your topic ideas.

What you get in return for writing Guest Post on my blog?
By writing for this blog, you get to:

  • Touch lives.
  • Connect with a global audience
  • Share your unique voice and messages.
  • Share your bio underneath your article about who you are and what you do, including a photo of you, a link to your website and links to your social media.

What to Do Once Your Post is Published on my blog?

I agree to:

  • Support your work and your mission in the world by sharing your article with our global community on social media.
  • I may also share articles in an email with our newsletter subscribers.

You agree to:

  • Share the article via email with your subscribers.
  • Share the article on your social media channels.
  • Reply to comments on your article on our site within the first week of it being posted live (this is because you are best placed to support readers with any questions, ideas or comments they have about the content of your article).

How to Submit Your Article?
Click here to create a support ticket and submit your article.  Kindly send within the body of the text (not as attachments) in this order, please…

  • Title of your article
  • Article text
  • Your bio – 120 words or less
  • Link for your website
  • Links for your social media profiles
  • Any Image: As an Attachment.

Important Instructions:

  • Please submit only 1 post at a time.
  • I do read every submission that I receive. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your contributions to my blog.
  • If your article has been accepted I will respond to you within 14 days of receiving your article. I will also then let you know as soon as your article has gone live on this website.
  • If you have not heard back within 14 days, it means that on this occasion your article has not been accepted. The reasons for this may vary and may be due to not meeting aspect/s of my guest post guidelines above, or potentially if I already have other articles on the exact same topic already posted on the site.

Here’s what happens after you hit Send:

  • An editor will review your submission and determine whether it’s a potential fit.

By submitting articles to, you acknowledge that:

  • Submitting an article for consideration does not guarantee that it will be published. I assess articles based on fit with the above writing guidelines and also with regards to fit with my website brand, mission, and values.
  • I do not pay for content contributed.
  • You accept our Terms of Use.
  • You accept any form of editing, which I or editor of this blog, can make to maintain a high standard of quality with posts published on my blog.
  • When an article is published on my site, it is then owned by Navjot Singh and you are not permitted to re-publish that content anywhere else, including on your own site, without prior approval from me.

I reserve the right to:

  • Decline articles submitted, without providing reasons. (We are a very small team and receive a large volume of submissions. It is not possible for me to provide feedback on individual articles. I appreciate your understanding.)
  • Adjust article titles where necessary, to help optimize reader engagement for your article.
  • Make basic edits to articles (including but not limited to spelling, grammar, and paragraph/sentence structure for the purpose of improving readability).