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Product Name: Work with Sebastian (WWS)

Product Creator: Sebastian Gomez

Product Type: Online Business Training Program & Agency Services

Price: $9/month or Pay $97 (One-Time) for lifetime access

Upsell/ OTOs: Partner's Club – $97/month


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If you have heard about the Work with Sebastian program, then I’m sure you must have seen it from a Facebook Ad, received an email, or came to know about the program from someone else. I came to know about this program quite recently, as I am in Sebastian’s email list. 

I have purchased his training programs before, so I was not hesitant to buy this course because I know the quality of his content. 

I’ve known Sebastian since 2015 when he was promoting a program called ‘MOBE.' He’s very honest, transparent, and helpful. He is famous for his awesome content, which he shares through his social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. I have subscribed to all his social media channels, as I really enjoy his content. And I must say that I’ve personally learned a lot of new strategies from his free content. 

Do you know that this program was initially launched with the name of “Partner With Sebastian (PWS)”? But later, Sebastian decided to rebrand it to “Work With Sebastian (WWS).” When I asked him why he made these changes, he replied that he did it mainly for two reasons:

  1.     To prevent people from mistaking it with other competitors having similar titles that offer broad “Make Money Online” opportunities.
  2.     The word “Partner” could lead to confusion. Some people believe there is a legal process behind creating a partnership. For example, they may think of it as forming a real company.

I've written an in-depth review of the program and covered every topic, i.e., pros, cons, pricing, upsell offers, etc. I aim to help you decide for yourself whether this program is good for you or not.  

What is Work with Sebastian?

The Work With Sebastian program (WWS) is an Online Business Training Program, which teaches how to build your long-term and profitable online business.

Under the program, Sebastian provides complete affiliate marketing training, support, and evergreen offers so that you can make high-ticket and recurring commissions. 

Who is Sebastian Gomez?

sebastian gomez

Sebastian Gomez is a seven-figure internet marketer, ClickFunnels Super Affiliate, and also the creator of Digital ROI Solution, a company that provides marketing services.

He lives in Costa-Rica and has made over 10 million dollars in terms of revenue to date. He started his online journey when he was only 17-years old. He made his first commission worth $45 by selling a product named My Top Tier Business (MTTB) for the company MOBE.

In the last five years, he has tested and tried many ventures in e-commerce, affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, etc. He has spent over $1.5 million on paid ads so far. Thus, he completely knows what works and what doesn’t.

The main goal of launching this product is to help normal people just like you and me so that they can start their own online business.  Also, apart from the training, he gives you opportunities to promote his high ticket offers. I really like his concept because this way, you can start earning money at the same time while you're learning and mastering your skills.

Sebastian has his own in-house team based in Costa-Rica which includes the following team members: 

  •       Guillermo Rodriguez, an e-Commerce and Paid Ads Expert 
  •       David Mata, who is an Affiliate & Sales Funnels Expert 
  •       Fabian Cordoba, a 7-Figure-Facebook Media Buyer 

Sebastian and his team have been offering services for over four years, and they created this program to expand their business. His agency offers all kinds of marketing services for clients such as:

  •       Managing Social Media for Clients
  •       Creating Custom Sales Funnels
  •       Running Profitable Paid Advertisement Campaigns
  •       One-On-One Consultation and Coaching
  •       Online Training & Courses (E-Commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Paid Traffic, Branding)

One thing I’d like to mention is that his team definitely doesn't look like the typical fancy entrepreneurs but are extremely talented, passionate, and hard-working marketers that truly care about providing value to their customers.

What You Get Under the Training?

Under the membership area, you get access to the following contents:

Access To Promote My Agency's Proven Marketing Services

Access To Promote Agency's Proven Marketing Services ($2997 Value)You get access to a private Affiliate Dashboard where you can find unique links that allow you to sell their best and highest converting marketing services.

Big Sales = Build Your Business Faster

Big Sales = Build Your Business Faster ($497 Value)With this program, you can build your business much faster because Sebastian sells higher-priced marketing services, which take the same amount of time, energy, and effort as selling low price products, but give you bigger and better results.


Step-By-Step Bootcamp Training ($497 Value)You're getting access to the training that you need to be successful. These are the exact strategies that are currently working for them to generate leads and sales. There are over 60+ over-the-shoulder completely new training lessons in this boot camp training.

Generate Leads, And Keep The Leads ($497 Value)Under this module, you will learn how to keep all the leads while promoting other people's products. This way, you're able to grow your own email list and build your own long-term business and audience. Remember, building your email list is KEY if you're looking to develop a predictable and consistent business. 


24/7 Members Support Group ($997 Value)As a member, you will be getting access to their private Facebook support group. You will be able to meet other members, build relationships, get their latest free/paid traffic strategies, and work directly with their team to help you grow your business.  


Your Own Costa Rica Closing Team (PRICELESS)As a member of the program, you will be working directly with Sebastian's team to grow each other's businesses. They will close the sale on your behalf so that you can get bigger commission cheques.

Fast Action Bonuses:

Here are few additional bonuses, which you get for FREE when you sign up for Work with Sebastian Program:-

Bonus #1: Done-For-You Proven Sales Funnels ($1997 Value)

As a member, you will get the exact same funnels that you should use to get results. These are the same ones they use internally to generate customers for their agency. All you have to do is import them to your Clickfunnels account, add your unique links, and start selling.


Bonus #2: Done-For-You Proven Email Swipes ($997 Value) – When you work with Sebastian, he will give you his Done-For-You high converting email swipes that you can send to your list and that you can model accordingly. This will save you tons of time and energy.

Bonus #3: Proven Marketing Angles ($997 Value): You’ll also be getting access to Sebastian's list of proven Marketing Angles to use for your campaigns. A Marketing Angle is a way that you sell something and make it irresistible so that people buy it. Using the wrong marketing angles can make you run in circles for months. Sebastian has already spent over $1.5M in paid traffic and tested hundreds of different angles. So, he is the right person to tell you what works and what doesn't.


Bonus #4: 6 Hours Of Advanced Facebook Ads Training ($397 Value)When you join the program, you will receive a Bonus advanced Facebook ads training module that will give you a complete understanding of how to run profitable ads, not just for this business but for any online business that you create or run. These are 1 hour+ screen-sharing training sessions. They are the exact principles and strategies that Sebastian Gomez uses to scale paid traffic campaigns up to $800,000/month.

How much it Cost?

The Work with Sebastian program costs you $9/month, or you can buy it at a one-time price of $97 to get lifetime access.

By upgrading to lifetime subscription, you don't have to pay recurring charges and even become eligible to receive high ticket commissions for all future purchases by your referrals.


When you purchase WWS, you will see an offer named “Partner Club” on the thank you page, which costs $97/month. As a special offer, you will get a 14-day free trial so that you can evaluate the quality of training. If you're happy with the premium content, then you can continue with it. If not, you can cancel it anytime. 

The Partner Club offer allows people to get a Weekly Coaching Call with Sebastian plus provides them access to past replays.

I believe that this upsell is best for those who want to get started with Affiliate Marketing, or need help with Paid Traffic. It’s also perfect for those who can't afford Sebastian Gomez Mentoring (SGM) or Digital ROI Solutions (Schedule) due to their high costs.

If you can easily afford $97/month, then I highly suggest you to buy this upsell. I personally purchased the Partner Club Subscription, and I’m pretty happy with my decision. 

Pros & Cons

Who this is NOT for ?

  •       If you're looking to get-rich-quick or that you can get rich overnight, this is NOT for you.
  •       If you're looking to get tremendous results without putting in the work, then this is NOT for you.
  •       If you're making a decision to join the program, but you are not willing to watch the training where you are taught how to build a successful business, this is NOT for you.
  •       If you're looking for crazy guarantees that promise you the world, this is NOT for you.

Who is This Training Program for?

  •       If you’re willing to treat this as a real business, follow the steps that Sebastian Gomez will teach you, work on those steps until they succeed, and commit to change your life, then this is definitely for you. He will literally be covering every step of the process in extreme detail. So even if you have zero experience in marketing, sales, or business, you can still build a solid long-term business the right way.
  •       It is suitable for those who are looking to start a marketing agency. By enrolling for this program, you can simply take the proven marketing services that Sebastian’s agency already sells.
  •       It’s suitable for those who want to learn how to build an extensive email list. 
  •       It’s suitable for those who want to learn how to build an audience and create their OWN brand.

How much I earn as an Affiliate?

The earning potential as an affiliate for Work with Sebastian is totally dependent on your efforts and dedication.

I have included the complete Compensation Plan for Work with Sebastian Program so that you get a clear understanding about the commission structure and earning potential:

Sebastian Gomez Mentoring (Call Funnel): 

You can earn 20% and 25% Commission for referring people to Sebastian marketing services.

  • You get $500 (one-time) Commission, when the Sales Team will close a $2,000 Sale.
  • You get $1,000 (one-time) Commission, when the Sales Team will close a $5,000 Sale.
  • You get $2,000 (one-time) Commission, when the Sales Team will close a $10,000 Sale.
  • You get $3,000 (one-time) Commission, when the Sales Team will close a $15,000 Sale.

NOTE: To become eligible for $2000 & $3000 commission you must unlock Tier 2. Also, any custom package that has a price point different than the ones mentioned above will credit you a 20% one-time commission.

List of Marketing Services:

  • 1-to-1 Business Strategy Consulting
  • Custom Built Sales Funnel 
  • Email Copy-writing
  • Paid Traffic & Media Buying
  • Graphic Design Work


After going through the course, I have found that the education and training you’ll get in the Work with Sebastian membership area is of very high quality.

Also, apart from training, you can earn big, recurring commissions with Sebastian’s Affiliate program. 

If you’re not interested in promoting his affiliate program, that's completely fine. The information that you get within this program is still incredible. Inside the membership area, you will get Done-For-You Funnels, Emails, and Ad Copies. 

What I like the most in the membership area is that you can get his Exact Sales Funnels and a Free Membership area, which you can plug into your own Clickfunnels account and send your leads to that free training. And the best thing is that you can use your own affiliate link in that funnel, thus earning recurring passive income for ActiveCampaign, Shopify, and Kajabi.

At the end of the funnel, he directs your prospects to go and schedule a call with his team. You need to use your affiliate link for the appointment page so that when the prospects schedule a call, and his team closes the sales, you get the high ticket commission. Sebastian also re-targets the visitors you send to his funnel, and you still get the commission when they make a purchase.

You just need to send people to Sebastian’s proven funnels, and when those prospects schedule a call with Sebastian, his sales team will do all the hard work for you, i.e., close the sales on your behalf and give you a high-ticket commission. 

As you know, Affiliate Marketing Business changed my life, and I want you to be able to do the same thing. But it will require dedication, commitment & consistency. So please commit to the program before joining, otherwise, this training will be of no use to you. 

Apart from that, I also believe that you can easily get results through his program as long as you stick to the training and take immediate, perfect action. Don't be like most people that purchase a course or training but never follow through and finish.

By enrolling for this program, you’ll actually be making money at the same time that you are mastering your skills and using Sebastian’s proven business and system. The program is currently selling at $97 for lifetime access, which makes it an irresistible deal. Thus, I highly recommend Work with Sebastian Program to all my readers. Trust me, if you join and take action, then you’ll definitely thank me shortly for recommending this program. 

I hope that I have provided enough information on whether you should go for this program or not. If you have any questions, do let me know in the comment section.

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