Legendary Marketer Book – A Must Read for Aspiring Internet Entrepreneurs

I have been in the online business for long and also a member of Legendary Marketer. I have gone through various training in this platform, and they have helped me a lot in running my online business. The Legendary Marketer Book is the newest thing that David Sharpe has come up with. I have gone through all the 12 chapters in this book, and I assure you that it is worth reading.

In this Legendary Marketer Book Review, you will discover why I believe that this book is a must-read for every aspiring entrepreneur or online marketer, who looking to start his own online business. The best thing is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling digital or physical products, coaching or consulting.

Legendary Marketer Book Review

Many people are not aware that they can make income right from where they are. Some think that they need to have the fortune to begin an online business. Others are internet marketers but it is not yielding any profit. This book has a solution for you.

This book is about how to build a successful business online in today's world. I will share some of the things I learned from this book but make sure to grab your copy for more detailed information. Below is my review on “Legendary Marketer: How To Build a Digital Marketing Business And Earn Unlimited Income From Anywhere In The World.”

Who is the Author?

You have probably heard about David Sharpe by now. This book was written by David Sharpe the founder of Legendary Marketer. David was a school dropout, homeless, and a drug addict. There was nothing glamorous about his life. He, however, got clean from heroin in 2008 and his life took a new twist.

He beat all odds in life and has assisted tens-of-thousands of people in reaching their personal goals and succeeding in business. David Sharpe is one of the best brains in internet marketing, and his story is living proof that online business can change your life.  He will take you through his life in his Legendary Marketer book, tell you about his journey to success and give you tips on how to become successful in digital marketing.

What You Learn From Legendary Marketer Book

Chapter One: Meet The New Rich, Meet The New Poor

In the old days, the poor were people who would not read and write but not anymore. However, in the new economy, you will eventually become the poor if you are not online and computer literate. By computer and online illiterate, it means that you are not able to use the digital platform to add value to your business.

David Sharpe, in his book, says that most of the business with an online presence will be much more successful in the future. One of the best examples given in this chapter is Borders and Toys R Us. Borders was one of the biggest bookstores in the past. It, however, got shut because Amazon took over the market. Toys R Us has also been filed for bankruptcy since it has taken them long to adapt to the digital economy.

Companies who will be most successful in the future are those that will do out with the digitally handicapped individuals and hire those with valuable digital knowledge. If you do not learn how you can use the online platform to add value to the business, then you will most probably be left behind as the New Poor.

The best part of this all is that you do not require a college degree to be computer literate. There is a lot of digital marketing information on the internet, and you can access it anytime you want. All you need is to have the desire to become rich.

David Sharp, for instance, has several free training where you can learn how to make money through digital marketing. When you become proficient in internet marketing, this will be a beneficial life skill. Businesses will come looking for you to offer your digital skills, and that will be your lander to becoming rich.

Chapter 2: The Secret to Avoiding Failure

Who would not want to learn the secret on how they can avoid failure? In this chapter, you will learn the reason as to why most of the people who start their journey as online entrepreneurs and digital marketers fail. The main reason as to why they did not succeed is because they did not follow what they had begun.

In most cases, people believe that reading books and going for training will make them successful. They most probably go through training after another and buy several books, but they never put the knowledge they learn into action. Grab your free copy of Legendary Marketer Book to learn the secret to avoiding massive failure.

Chapter 3: The “Big 3 Things” You Must Do

In this chapter, David will cover the three main things you need for you to become successful in the digital market. They include:

  • Getting Traffic

The most crucial thing you require to succeed in your online business is to get traffic. Traffic means having people check on what your online business offers. Without traffic, you do not have any business on the online platform. Just like a motor or a brick store, it is vital for you to have people getting in your store to purchase stuff.

There are numerous ways you can use to get traffic. Unlike the past, you do not have to use a fortune to have your business advertisements on the media or in the newspaper. After all, you are not even sure whether they will work or not!

These days we have several paid and free methods to get quality traffic for your online business. In this chapter, you will learn about the various sources of traffic.

  • Creating a High Converting Sales Funnel

Creating a high converting sales funnel is the second thing to do for you to have a successful online business. A sales funnel more than a web page or website. This is a chain of steps which will lead your client through the entire customer experience with their online business and assist them in their purchasing decision.

According to Legendary Marketer Book, most sales are made in between the 5th and 12th contact. You, therefore, need a sales funnel that can help you to capture your customer contact information. This will enable you to follow up with your customers until they buy your product.

  • Value Ladder

Having an excellent value ladder for your products is the third thing you require for successful online business. Your business should have both high ticket products, which will help you to maximize your profit and low ticket products which capture the interest of the customers.

Like you would do in a mortar and brick business, put products with huge discounts at the front to lure the customers to your site. You can then place the more expensive products strategically so that customers will be more inclined to buy expensive products instead of the discounted ones.

Another example is that of the planes where they have different classes. There is a reason as to why a person would prefer to travel in a first-class instead of the economy class. Having a value lander in your business will help you to serve the different needs of your customers. This will also help you to achieve your sales targets quicker.

It might take you a very long time to achieve your goals if you do not have a value ladder in your business. I think I have shared more than enough information from this chapter. However, there has much more than what I have discussed in the book.

Chapter 4: The Perfect Digital Business Model

It is essential for you to know what is needed to sell and deliver your services or products irrespective of whether you are selling digital or physical products. You also need to be well aware of the niche you are targeting.  In his book, David Sharpe talks about three ingredients that would either break or build your online business, which includes:

  1. The services or products you will be selling
  2. The strategy you will use to sell your products or services
  3. The back-end system that will automate your digital business to the maximum

This chapter will give you more information on how to choose the right model for your online business.

Chapter 5: Your Completely Unfair Advantage

You need plenty of experience to be able to build an online business. Below are some of the things you need for you to launch a digital product:

  • Record videos about the product
  • Write scripts for your videos
  • Write your own materials
  • Purchase equipment for recording or hire a professional
  • Marketing and promoting
  • Set everything up
  • Get a platform to host the product

These are just a few things that you will be required to do. You will also need to employ and manage your support team. This list is endless. Legendary Marketer is a sales funnel which sells high-quality online marketing training. You can use this platform to earn income when still training with Legendary Marketer. Read Legendary Marketer to get more information in this.

Chapter 6: How to Get Free Traffic and Leads

Do you know about the Break-Even Funnel? David Sharpe did not create this concept, but it is a core belief for all prosperous digital entrepreneurs. If you get a break-even for a sales funnel, it means that for every $1 you spend and get a return on $1 then, you will basically get the customer for free.

All the purchases made by the customer in future will equate to profit. This is an essential thing to understand for anyone who wants to succeed in online business. Get the Legendary Marketer Book to learn more on this topic.

Chapter 7: Getting Traffic to Your Bank Account

If your traffic is not translating to profit, then it is not helping you in any way. In the earlier chapters, you have learned how to make traffic, but in this chapter, David Sharpe will teach you how to make a profit from it. He will teach you much more about traffic and leads and how to convert it to sales.

Chapter 8: How to Close Lots of High Ticket Sales

This chapter will teach you more about high tickets Products. High ticket products are expensive products which earn you more profit. These products should be placed strategically in your online store to motivate the buyer to buy them instead of buying the low ticket products. David Sharpe will teach you on how to put your high ticket products strategically and get profit from these products.

Chapter 9: How to Hire a Great Virtual Team

Just like a physical business, you need a team to work with you in your online business. David Sharpe will tell you about the team of people who works with him in his business. He will give you advice on how you can create a similar virtual team for your business.

Chapter 10: The Online Fame Formula

Of course, getting money causes a lot of change in you. In this book, David will tell you the various ways of how money can change a person. He will continue to give you tips that will assist you to stay focused and grounded in your journey to success.

Chapter 11: How to Find Your Business

Most people will tell you that the reason as to why they have not reached their dream is lack of funds. This should not be an excuse any longer. Get the Legendary Marketer book today and learn about the different ways to start funding your startup.

Chapter 12: Building Your Digital Database

By the time you get to this chapter, you will have learned everything you need to know about online business and how to earn an income from it. This chapter is basically the wrap up of the whole book. Before you finish reading, you will get one last sales pitch. With this knowledge, anyone should be able to build and run a successful digital business and be their own boss.


When I started reading the Legendary Marketer book, I could not stop because of how inspiring it was. David Sharpe gives his story on the kind of life he had before he made millions of dollars, and his transition is impressive. He gives a blueprint on how he started an online marketing business with nothing else but his Wi-Fi and Laptop. You will learn that you don’t need much to become wealthy; you only need to have the desire to be rich.

Once I put all the tips and advice I learned in the book, I started seeing changes in my digital business. I do not regret taking my time to read the book since I can see the results. This is the time to leave the old world and move to the digital world. Grab your Legendary Marketer book for FREE by Clicking Here and learn on how to be the new rich.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Book For?

If you are aspiring to be a digital entrepreneur or an online marketer, then this book is for you. Here you will get numerous golden nuggets that will assist you in your journey to a profitable online business.

It is also beneficial for those people who have been into online marketing and desire to increase their profits. There are lots of tips and advice on how to increase traffic and convert them into sales.

How Much Does Legendary Marketer Book Cost?

This book by David Sharpe is absolutely FREE. He will have the book paid for you, and the only thing you will need to pay for is the shipping fee. When you buy this book from a retail shop, it will cost you $19. Click here to buy the book under special ongoing promo offer >>>

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