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Recently, I have received lots of comments, where my readers asked me what extra benefit will they get if they purchase the Clickfunnels through my affiliate link. So, by keeping their demand in my mind, I have decided to create an exclusive Clickfunnels Bonus Package for my readers and I must say that you are very fortunate because I am offering such an awesome deal. To claim all the Clickfunnels Bonuses listed on this page, all you have to do is to buy it using my affiliate link, and you’ll be enjoying these bonuses in no time.

ClickFunnels Bonus Package Detail

Bonus #1:  I Will Personally Build Any Type Of Funnel For You (Worth $4999) *

Done For You Sales Funnel

I’m highly invested in your success, so when you buy Clickfunnels through my affiliate link, you get my three-part guarantee!

  • ​I’ll PERSONALLY help you figure out the right funnel for your business based on your goals. No wondering. No hoping you’ve got it right. You’ll know where to focus your efforts.
  • ​If you can’t get my plug-and-play funnels set up in your ClickFunnels account, I’ll PERSONALLY jump on and help you get your funnel installed onto ClickFunnels — so no need to worry about tech headaches.
  • ​I’ll PERSONALLY review EVERY SINGLE STEP in one funnel you create and provide video feedback on how to make it work even better for your business.

* This Clickfunnels bonus will only be available once the 30-Days money-back guaranteed period is over. 

Bonus #2: Funnel Audit And Consultation (Value $997)

Sales Funnel Auditing

Clickfunnels™ will provide everything you need to make a sale online. But if you’re a first-timer, it will initially be overwhelming, and you may find yourself uncertain about the effectivity of your sales funnel.

This is where we come in to perform a Funnel Audit and Consultation to make sure you got your fundamentals right, and everything is integrated correctly. This can give you peace of mind for a seamless launch. Whether it's a second opinion, a nudge in the right track, a secret that can improve your funnel proposal 10x, etc., this is one bonus you can't afford to miss out on.

Under this bonus offer, I will review and grade the effectiveness of your marketing materials and message, and offer my suggestion to you, so that you can convert more prospects to buying customers. 

I will personally review you’re your work and see to it that I leave insightful suggestions to increase your conversions.

Not only that, but I can also certify that your materials have reliable branding, clear benefits, and a strong and compelling call-to-action.

Bonus #3: Leverage My Clickfunnels Bonuses (Get Bonus Rights to offer them to Your Clickfunnels Members)

Leverage My Bonuses

I use bonuses on every promotion to rake in commissions, dominate leaderboards, win prize money, and make thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions.

“Here Are My Results By Adding Bonuses To Our Promotions”


My Bonus Package allows anyone, even if you're brand new, to start from scratch and offer high-quality bonuses that will get people buying through your affiliate link.

Why Do You Need To Take Benefit of My Bonus Stack?

  • My Clickfunnels Bonuses will save you time and make you more money. It works great for Clickfunnels promotions to get more people to buy from you.
  • Add value to your offer by including Bonuses.
  • Instantly increase your authority as an expert.
  • No Tech Skills Or Prior Experience Required.
  • Get Access To 10+ ‘Done For You’ Bonuses.
  • Save Thousands Of Dollars When Compared With Outsourcing.
  • Get Started Today… Make Money Tomorrow!

Offering Low-Quality Bonuses WILL HURT YOU More Than It Helps You. You need quality bonuses. Bonuses that are actually valuable and useful. You Have 3 Options To Create Quality Bonuses For Your Clickfunnels Affiliate Promotions.

  • Option #1: Create The Bonuses Yourself – EXTREMELY time-consuming and complicated.
  • Option #2: Outsource Creation Of Bonuses – It can easily set you back $200-$500+ to create one high-quality bonus.
  • Option #3: Get Ready Made Bonus Package from Me.

You will only eligible for my ‘Leverage My Bonus Offer' until you remain an active Clickfunnels Subscriber for $97/month (Startup Plan) under my affiliate link.

Please note that You will able to offer all the bonuses listed on this page to your Clickfunnels members, except Bonus # 01 – I Will Personally Build Any Type Of Funnel For You (Worth $4999),  & Bonus#13: Free Copy Of DotCom Secrets Or Expert Secrets Book ($7.95 Value), as they are not part of my ‘Leverage my Bonus Offer'.

Bonus #4: Private Facebook Mastermind & Accountability Group ($497 Value)


Access to Private Group

When you join the ClickFunnels™ through me, you will be added to a private group on Facebook, which will allow you to interact with other members. 

You'll be able to get support, ask questions, mastermind with others, and have on-going accountability through this Facebook group. This way, you're not going about it alone and will have an awesome community supporting you along the way. They will be pleased to assist you in any way they possibly can. Plus, building a firm relationship with a lot of members will be advantageous for you and your business—so, everyone succeeds.

This is an essential asset for you because, in this Member's Only group, I will personally answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION that gets posted. No matter what kind of question it is; be it a fundamental question or a seemingly advanced one, I will gladly answer it to the extent of my knowledge. This Facebook Group is exclusively for those who want to focus on Affiliate Marketing, Traffic, Leads & Sales. 

No matter what product you buy, as long as it is under the ClickFunnels™ label, you will be added to the group almost immediately. Just make sure that your ClickFunnels™ account remains active.

Bonus #5: Lifetime Support (Priceless)

Lifetime Support

The moment you get this product through my link, you can contact me at any time and ask any questions regarding Affiliate Marketing, Traffic, Leads & Sales.

Apart from that, I'll provide top-notch tech support. I usually respond swiftly, and you won’t be dissatisfied with the quality of my aid. Whenever you’re stuck with something (which happens a lot), just leave a message, and I’ll help you any way I can.

You can send me an email to my personal email address, which I guarantee you’ll get a response to any question you may have. Just make sure these are relevant questions, or I won’t answer them.

You can contact me on Facebook messenger as well, you can treat it as a different form of live chat support.

Bonus #6: Weekly Meeting ($997 Value)*

Weekly Meetings

I can also pair you up with your very own weekly Mastermind Group of other committed individuals so that you can support each other in ClickFunnels™ and get faster results?

In ClickFunnels bonus, I will do weekly calls through Skype or Zoom together to support you.

Apart from that,  I'll group you up with other members who joined under my affiliate link to help you become successful with ClickFunnels™. 

This way, you can support each other more effectively.  

Bonus 7: CF Video Training Course ($297 Value)

Clickfunnels Video Tutorials

You’ll gain access to a library of video courses that teaches you everything about ClickFunnels. One of the many videos here shows you how to master Sales Funnels and how to make use of it in the most effective way.

Bonus #8: 45+ Clickfunnels™ Share Funnel Library ($2999 Value)

Clickfunnels Share Funnels

Sales Funnels are your tickets to high income. Without these, your online business might not earn even a single penny. Plus, creating an effective sales funnel involves a lot of work. You need to have the proper knowledge about Copywriting, structure designs, and even the psychology behind each funnel to create a high converting funnel. 

Fortunately, when you join under my affiliate link, you will be given access to 45+ high converting funnels that you can use as your own. You can import these funnels directly to your account and start converting.

Bonus #9: Tier5 Mega Software Bundle ($15,984 Per Year Value)

Tier5 Software Bundle

This is the best ClickFunnels bonus on the list so far. This changes your perception of towards my offer since its value is more than what ClickFunnels™ costs—making it seem like a bargain of some sorts. The Tier5 Mega Software Bundle includes:

  • RoboContact– This lets you target any location and keyword, and the software will automatically generate a list of leads. This costs about $297 per month.
  • DomainLeads – This software gets you daily leads from anyone with a registered domain name. This one costs $197 per month.
  • InvoicingYou – It is a simple, yet powerful invoicing software that provides an easy way for clients to pay you online for your products or services. This only cost $97 monthly.
  • Magic Zap – This will let you create custom personalized sales pages and set up your automation when people visit your site. The cost for this is $97, which is also billed monthly.
  • Sticky Reviews – A software that displays genuine reviews from your customers. This increases your conversions by at least 15%. It only costs $47 per month.
  • Link Wizard – A link tracker that lets you see where your traffic is coming from to help you see if your campaigns are working or not. This also costs $47 a month.

Bonus #10: Chrome Extension For Building List From Facebook Groups ($197 Value)


Setting up your own Facebook Group is an excellent way to build your brand and promote the products you love to use; this includes ClickFunnels.

To make your group even more effective, you need to have access to each of your member’s email addresses. You can do this by personally asking them about it, which proves to be impractical and pretty tedious if you ask me.

Good thing for you, I will be pitching in another cool bonus that can make email acquisition faster and easier. Group2Sheet (G2S) is an efficient Google Chrome extension that lets you capture all your member’s email addresses with only one click. It’s that easy.

I’ll be providing you with one Silver Plan account that can let you manage up to 3 Facebook groups. This usually costs about $10 a month, but you’ll be getting it for free with no hidden costs.

Bonus #11: Ultimate List Of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs

List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs

I have a long list of affiliate programs that lasts for a lifetime. The list can be viewed on Google Sheets. At this time, there are about 130+ affiliate programs present, and it is continuously being updated. This means you can expect more affiliate programs in the next coming days.

You can gain editing and sharing rights as a bonus when you purchase ClickFunnels by using my affiliate link. You can claim it as your own and add more links to it anytime you want. It can also act as a lead magnet that you can give away on any of your platforms like on Facebook or integrate it into your double opt-in email marketing.

Bonus #12: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library White Label Rights ($197 Value)

Ad Swipe File

Inside this bonus, you’ll see the ad copies of 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs out there, this includes exceptionally successful marketers like Russell Brunson (Founder of ClickFunnels), Dan Henry, Ryan Levesque, Peng Joon and many more. 

You can use this resource as a motivation for your ads or use it as a great lead magnet to give away and build an extensive email list. The possibilities are endless with this ad swipe library.

Bonus #13: Free Copy Of DotCom Secrets Or Expert Secrets Book ($7.95 Value)

Clickfunnels Books

DotCom Secrets a must-read book for any marketer or entrepreneur, especially those who are still looking to start their careers.

This book will turn you into an expert sales funnel builder. It’s complete with all the basics of selling products online. As part of my offer, you will get this book without any costs—even shipping.

If you’ve read DotCom Secrets by now, I will instead give you a free copy of Expert Secrets. This is actually a fantastic ClickFunnels bonus that you would probably not get anywhere else.

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Interested in this amazing Clickfunnels Bonus package? Then here is what you need to do.

Within 24 hours, I will send you an email with instructions on how to get your Clickfunnels Bonuses.
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Clickfunnels Bonus

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[su_spoiler title=”Okay, I want to get your bonuses!  How and when will I get them?”]All you need to do is to use my affiliate link, which will redirect you to a free 14-day trial. After the free trial, you will need to purchase the product itself (or any product under ClickFunnels) under my affiliate link.

You can totally skip the free trial and immediately purchase the products. You will then receive the bonus package. If you have any issues, you can reach out to me using this contact page.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”What if I already have an account on ClickFunnels? Can I still acquire your bonuses?”]You can’t. The only real way to acquire everything in this ClickFunnels bonus page is to upgrade your membership through my affiliate link. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”How will you help me promote ClickFunnels if I sign up under you?”]Once you sign up, I will be sharing all my secret strategies with you so that you’ll be able to replicate my processes to promote ClickFunnels more effectively.

Once you become a member, you will be able to enjoy the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bonus, which you will be surprised at how great and beneficial it is.

Plus, I will do my best to be attentive to your needs. That said, you can contact me through email and Facebook messenger.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”What else do I need to be successful with ClickFunnels?”]Along with the ClickFunnels best bonuses, the last thing you’ll want to get is a trusty email service. The best email marketing tool I can recommend is ConvertKit since you’ll need it to improve the effectivity of your sales funnels. The more traffic you gain, the more sales and conversions you’ll make.

Although it’s completely voluntary, I’d also recommend a good click tracker service like ClickMagick. This will help you see if your campaigns are actually converting. If not, then you’ll need to make a few tweaks to acquire more clicks.[/su_spoiler]

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