30 Days Summit Review + Special Bonus

The Clickfunnels will be running a Three-Days Online Summit Event between September 17th to 20th, 2018. Under this three-day virtual event, the readers will get the opportunity to learn internet marketing strategies from 30 online marketing experts (all of them ‘Two Comma Club’ members, and 7-8 Figure earners). The summit is free – you can register HERE and it launches live on September 17th.

30 Days Dotcom Book

Actually, a few days ago, Russell Brunson has asked a tricky question to two comma club members, that what will they do in a situation, if they suddenly lose everything in their business (their money, their big name, their list, their affiliates, and JV partners, all of it).

He further asked those two comma club members that, “let's assume that you have bills piled high, and people harassing you for money over the phone. All you have is a roof over your head, a phone line, an internet connection, and a ClickFunnels account for only ONE month. Other than your vast marketing experience, you’re back to being a newbie… What would you do, from Day 1 to Day 30, to save yourself?”

In response to that question, not only did many of two comma club members responded back, but they sent a brilliantly detailed action plan for the 30 days, and the best thing they’ve all agreed to share their “30 Days” plan with the general public for FREE during the Virtual Summit named “30 Days Summit“. This Summit will be FREE, and You can Pre-Register for the event by Clicking Here >>>

Thank You Page Offer :

Russell is making an offer on the thank you page of the summit, and it's for something new called “The One Funnel Away Challenge“. It's a $100 challenge, which Russell Brunson is running with His Two Comma Club Coaches named, Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian.

Thus when you signed up for the challenge, you get the crazy hardcover book of all 30-day plans from the speakers. The 30 Days book is a 550+ page hardcover book of ALL the compiled battleplans (Day 1 through Day 30) from each speaker during the “30 Days Interview Series”.

Apart from that, you will also get the following two bonuses:

  • Lifetime UNLIMITED Access To The “30 Days Interview Series”
  • Behind-The-Scenes” PRIVATE Interviews of 30 Two Comma Club Funnels

30 Days Book Bonus

One-Time Offer: $37 (Optional)

Funnel Audibles

At last year’s Funnel Hacking Live, Russell gave a special workshop called Funnel Audibles. It shows you a simple process to take ANY funnel that’s broken, and turn it from a ‘zero’ to a ‘HERO’! By paying $37, you can get the training, plus the transcripts and companion workbook that will walk you through how to do a funnel audible on your own funnel. (This offer is not available ANYWHERE else on the market!)

Register FREE for the 30day summit HERE and then get access to those bonuses when you opt-in for the $100 One Funnel Away Challenge.

My Recommendation

I truly believe in the course content at 30 Days Book or else I wouldn’t recommend it. This book is must read for Digital Marketers, Sales people, Entrepreneurs and Online Influencers.

Obviously, I don’t have the time to help everyone, but if you join using my affiliate link and decide to buy it then, I will offer the following bonuses:-

  30 Days Book Bonus (Value $1188+)

Get Access to my Video Case Study (Value $297), under which you will learn that how I am earning Passive Income worth $4k/month as a Clickfunnels Affiliate without spending money on Paid Ads.

Clickfunnels Bonus

Share funnel for 30 Days Book Promotion (Value $197): You can get the share code to this done-for-you funnel "Bridge Page".

Clickfunnels Training Course (Value $97): Get Access to over 20+ video on 'How to use Clickfunnels™. The Video training teaches you everything you need to master Sales Funnels and more.

Priority Email Support (Value: Priceless): Under this offer, you can contact me absolutely any time, and I will help coach you through the process. If you ever feel overwhelmed or have questions you can’t find the answers to, I’m just a quick message away. You get access to my personal email address with a guaranteed response to any questions you have (invaluable).

How To Claim the Bonuses?

Step 1. Clear your cookies by reading instruction on this website. https://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cookies

Step 2: Buy Accept $100 One Funnel Away Challenge or buy 30 Days Hardcover Book by clicking this link.

Step 3: Once you placed the order, then kindly forward your Payment Receipt to  support@seowebmedia.com  with ‘30 Days Bonus ’ in the email subject.

Step 4: As soon as I’ve verified and confirmed that you’ve purchased the product using my affiliate link, then I'll send bonuses directly into your inbox!

NOTE: These bonuses mentioned on this page are available for a very limited time only, and this page may be removed anytime without notice. Not sure how long I am gonna keep this offer open, come back tomorrow and I might have taken this web page down. For real!
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