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10x Secrets Masterclass


Course Contents


Easy-to-Follow Training




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  • It’s a practical, done-for-you blueprint for any driven business owner who wants to sell to the masses.
  • Easy to Follow Training
  • Any Type of Business Owners can benefit with training. It doesn’t matter... what you’re selling, you’re brand new, or nobody knows you.
  • This Scripts works with Webinars, Sales Videos, FaceBook, Youtube or Instagram Lives
  • Amazing Value for Money


  • Lots of Additional Upsells, but they are completely optional.
  • You require some sort of offline or online business to implement stategies taught under this course.

Russell Brunson has finally launched the program 10x Secrets Masterclass that has been in the works for months.  Thus, I have decided to write a comprehensive 10x Secrets Masterclass Review. I hope that it will help you in making your purchase decision. Okay.. let's start..

As you can imagine, Russell’s got thousands of people begging to learn how he crafted a 90-minute speech that earned him $3 Million Dollars in sales. So, because he’s always eager to help entrepreneurs fly higher, Russell deconstructed his entire presentation into a brand new digital video series named 10x Secrets.

If you haven’t heard of Russell, he’s the co-founder of Clickfunnels and, in his words, a serial entrepreneur obsessed with helping other entrepreneurs succeed. Russell’s also one of the most phenomenal speak-to-sell presenters I’ve ever seen. Russell Brunson is someone I truly believe in. In addition to being an amazing entrepreneur, he’s one of the smartest marketer, and his guidance has made a huge difference in my success. I know it can make a difference for you, too.

What is the 10x Secrets Masterclass?

The 10x Secrets Masterclass is Amazing Selling Secrets Of The Worlds #1 HIGHEST Paid Speaker – Russell Brunson, who Earns MORE Money Per Keynote Than Tony Robbins, Oprah, Bill Clinton, Ellen, Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mark Cuban COMBINED!

On February 23rd, 2018, he spoke for just 90 minutes in front of 9000 people at Grant Cardone's event called the 10x Growth Conference and that 90-minute presentation resulted in $3 Million Dollars in sales. Yes, you read that right. $3 Million Dollars!   He managed to close 1 in 9 people in the event.

In fact, this year Russell Brunson's company ClickFunnels hit #76 on the INC 500 list, and guess how we grew his software company this fast? Yup, you guessed it, with webinars using this SAME presentation script. The SAME on you will learn and master when you get access to the 10X Secrets training program.

Under this training, Russell will take you to step by step through the entire process of how he crafted and refined a speech that made $3 Million Dollars in just 90 minutes., which means that now you can use his same script to 10X the sales of any Product Or Service You Sell Online!

You can watch complete 3 Millon Dollar Presentation below:-

Course Overview:

What I have learned in this training, that Russell Brunson presented himself as a “platform-selling” speaker, which means, he doesn't charge any speaking fees. Instead, he makes money from the products and services he sell at the back of the room when he finishes my presentation. Thus, by following exact scripts you can also make a crazy amount of money as a platform speaker, just by doing one 60-90 minute presentation.

In this training, you will learn the followings:

  • Session #1: Creating An Irresistible Offer – This training will help you easily transform and structure any product idea you have into a no-brainer OFFER for your audience.
  • Session #2: The NEW Perfect Webinar – This is is the training and sales SCRIPT that Russell talked about that helped him go from speaking and getting no sales, to speaking and getting $3 Million-dollar table rushes.
  • Session #3: “How I Earned $3 Million In 90 Minutes” – This is the SAME training that Russell mentioned earlier, where he goes through his entire 90-minute presentation, slide-by-slide, minute-by-minute. You’ll discover the hidden selling techniques behind what he did in key parts of the presentation, and then he will explain why he did it!

10x Secrets Masterclass Membership

Special Limited Time Official Bonuses:10x Secrets Masterclass Official Bonuses


10X Secrets Price:

Okay.. so now you're interested to know that how much does 10x Secrets Masterclass will cost you? The 10x Secrets is currently available at a price of $297.


OTO # 1: Closing Secrets (Priced at $297)

Chindler Chunk Bundle - Closing Secrets
When you invest in John Childer’s legendary speaker’s course (which you won’t find ANYWHERE else) at a HUGE 90% discount (instead of $2,997… you'll get it for just $297). And when you invest in it,  you will get access to all of the 10X Closing Secrets interviews for FREE!

John Childers is like the Godfather when it comes to selling and closing a room. He had the largest speaker training program for over 20+ years. But John retired in 2010. He doesn’t teach people how to speak and sell from stage anymore, but back in the day, his speaker training cost $25,000.

The Six Amazing Bonus Interviews of 10x Closing Secrets consist following modules:

  • The Stack… ($297 value)
  • Trial Closes… ($297 value)
  • The Price Marinade ($297 value)
  • The Re-Pitch ($297 value)
  • Breaking False Beliefs ($297 value)
  • Other Closing Secrets ($297 value)

OTO 2 # Virtual Funnel Hack-A-Thon (Priced at $497)

Virtual Funnel Hackathon FHAT

Would You Like To Attend A Virtual “Funnel Hack-A-Thon” So that Russell Brunson's Team Can Get Your Presentation “Done And BUILT” In Just 3 Days? Then there is good news for you.

Every year, ClickFunnels runs an event called Funnel Hacking LIVE. At that event, 3,000 – 4,000 Funnel Hackers gather from all around the world for 1 WEEK to completely immerse themselves in growing their business. They learn Funnel Building Traffic, Selling and Scaling. The Clickfunnels also organize three-Day Intensive Funnel Hackathon (FHAT) Event, where entrepreneurs could fly out to ClickFunnels HQ in Boise, ID, and get their online business done and BUILT!  This is your CHANCE to get the same 3-Day Intensive “Funnel Hack-A-Thon” Training that Entrepreneurs Paid $15,000 per ticket for at a fraction of the cost, and from The Comfort Of Your Own Home!  You Can Acess the Virtual Event for just one payment of just $497.

NOTE: This is the SAME event that Natalie Hodson attended BEFORE she wrote her presentation for her “Abs Core and Pelvic Floor” ebook. That in exactly 4 short months after the FHAT event passed one million and earned her this “Two Comma Club” Award!

The Virtual FHAT Event Is NOT For Everyone, This is NOT for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to work hard for 3 days of your life so that you can get your business off the ground and running…(most businesses take months or YEARS to get started!)
  • You’re looking to soak up more “info” (you have enough of that already – time to IMPLEMENT what you’ve just purchased…)
  • You lack discipline… This is 3 days of serious, hands-on heavy work. But it’s absolutely doable, and we’ll show you slide-by-slide every step of the way… (And when the 3 days are done? You’ve got a business that’s ready to start driving traffic to!)

If you’re ready to get down to business and build your online company, and get it up and running NOW (not 6 months or a year from now), then this immersive experience is for you!

Conclusion: Is 10X Secrets Masterclass Course Worth It?

Now, I know what you're thinking… that “I don't have an amazing product like Clickfunnels!” or “I don't plan to sell from the stage!” or “I've already learned the perfect webinar”.  At first, I was a little hesitant about this product, as I’m not planning to sell on stage. But now, I would say to think again. Even if you plan to NEVER step on a stage… If you go LIVE on FB/Instagram or Youtube or if you do podcasts or door-to-door sales or if you speak on stage or do any kind of webinar. If you speak or sell to your audience in ANY way, whether an audience of 1, 10, or 1000. You need this masterclass.

Remember that there are two ways you can earn money with speaking. You can either plan on becoming super famous, and charge speaking fees anywhere between $100K-$250K… OR You can make FAR more money than all the top paid speakers right now (whether people know you or not) by speaking for free (by becoming Platform Selling Speaker), and get paid to sell your products or services at the end of your presentation.  You can make a crazy amount of money as a platform speaker, just by doing one 60-90 minute presentation, and 10X Secrets Masterclass will give you EVERYTHING you need to become a master at selling.

As you can probably see above, getting access to the full 10X secrets product is like having Russell Brunson sit next to you as you create your next million dollar presentation.  10X Secrets will help you to create your irresistible offer, write your presentation, and launch it to the world! So, are you excited for 10X Secrets yet!?!  If so, then NOW is the time to take action and get started!

Currently, Russell Brunson offering 10X Secrets Masterclass at a ridiculously deep discount – like 96% off!…just because it’s so new and everyone is excited (and I want you to get your hands on it!). But the price WILL go up soon, so if this is something that you want. If this is a SKILL that you need to learn. If your webinars and funnels aren’t selling and making money as you want, then jump on the low price now (and get a whole crap-ton of awesome bonuses in the process!) Click Here to Buy Now >>>>

Thanks for taking the time to read this review. I hope it has been incredibly eye-opening and helpful for you.

  10x Secrets Bonus (Value $2383+)

FREE Ticket to Grant Cardone's 10X Growth Con Event (Value $995)

Clickfunnels Bonus

I have up to 10 Tickets to 10X GrowthCon, which I can give to those buyers when they purchase 10X Secrets through my affiliate link. 10X Growth Con is the BIGGEST entrepreneur event of the year! It is being held in Marlins Stadium in Miami. The event tickets are priced at $997 but you can get yours as a FREE BONUS from me by getting Russell's 10X Secrets Masterclass for only $297. To Claim the free ticket to 10X GrowthCon you need to send me a copy of your receipt to support@seowebmedia.com , so that I can verify that You have purchased through my affiliate link. This special bonus offer will expire on November 14th 12 PM MST. You can check out the ticket price for Grant Cardone's 10X Growth Con Event by clicking here.

Get Access to my Video Case Study (Value $297)

Clickfunnels Bonus

I’ve never shared this with anyone, it’s not available to buy at any price and the only way you get it is by grabbing your copy of 10x Secrets Masterclass through my link. Under this video training, I'll show you that how I'm earning passive income as a Clickfunnels Affiliate without spending money on Paid Ads.

Clickfunnels Training Course (Value $97): Get Access to over 10+ video on 'How to use Clickfunnels™. The Video training teaches you everything you need to master Sales Funnels and more.

40+ Free Prebuilt Proven Funnels (Value $697): You can download these funnels directly into your ClickFunnels account saving you hours of work. Few of these includes the: Trust Funnel, Webinar Funnel, High Ticket Funnel, Continuity Funnel, and the Automated Webinar Funnel etc.

Affiliate Bootcamp Training (Value $297): The Affiliate Bootcamp is a training course, under which you'll learn that how just by investing 1 hour daily, you'll be able to become a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate.

Priority Email Support (Value: Priceless): Under this offer, I'll provide top-notch tech support. My support is typically faster than official support, so if you get stuck (and you will), I am here for you. Also, If you ever feel overwhelmed or have questions you can’t find the answers to, I’m just a quick message away. You get access to my personal email address with a guaranteed response to any questions you have (invaluable).

How To Claim the Bonuses?

Step 1. Clear your cookies by reading instruction on this website. https://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cookies

Step 2: Buy 10x Secrets Masterclass by clicking this link.

Step 3: Once you placed the order, then kindly forwardYour Payment Receipt to  support@seowebmedia.com

Step 4: As soon as I’ve verified and confirmed that you’ve purchased the product using my affiliate link, then I'll send bonuses directly into your inbox!

NOTE: These bonuses mentioned on this page are available for a very limited time only, and this page may be removed anytime without notice. Not sure how long I am gonna keep this offer open, come back tomorrow and I might have taken this web page down. For real!
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